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Asbestos Removal in Newcastle

Asbestos Removal Newcastle is a full Asbestos Removal Service contractor that provides a total clean up packages whatever the site in a cost-effective way, with minimal downtime to you and your business.

Newcastle Asbestos Removal can also go the extra mile and install New roofing and cladding so you don’t have to talk to different suppliers.

We accept all projects big and small, and all are professionally managed as well.

Asbestos is a serious concern in our homes. It can cause many health problems, even death.
Protect your family and employees by removing the toxic risk that may be lurking in your home or workplace. We can help discover hidden asbestos by thorough on-site inspection and if we discover any, we will use only the safest transport methods and legal ways of disposal of all the asbestos waste materials.

If you live in an older home, one that was built anytime between the 1950s to the early 1990s, there is a big possibility that your home may contain asbestos.

Asbestos in Newcastle is dangerous when left alone, untouched and unbroken. However, if the asbestos material (for example wall cladding) gets damaged, it will break down and the small particles will be released and can harm your health whenever ingested or breathed into the lungs.

To guarantee that any and all asbestos materials will be successfully removed from your home, you need an authorized and experienced asbestos removal contractor to go over and review every single nook and cranny of your premises and test the materials found – to make sure that it is asbestos – and remove and eliminate it safely.

Asbestos has a checkered past.
Once upon a time, it was considered a magical, naturally occurring mineral.
Immediately after the second world war, asbestos was considered Australia’s most well-known and popular building material.
It was mined extensively and used in a variety of construction related applications, for both residential and commercial properties across Australia.

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Some of the construction materials where asbestos is found include:

However, news began to spread that workers who were mining and producing asbestos began to get sick.
It soon became clear that there was a clear correlation between exposure to asbestos and getting diseases such as cancer and other deadly pulmonary illnesses.

Its popularity and fame lessened and many called for the total banning of it all over the world.
Today, along with Australia & Newcastle, more than 40 countries no longer allow it to be used for anything.
This ban began in the 1990s for many places and newly built homes no longer have to worry.
However, the dangers of asbestos is here to stay – if it is not removed immediately.
Traces of it are still found throughout the different structures that used it for building, including water and even sewage piping and more.

We are proud to be a trusted leader in the asbestos removal industry.
We are committed to providing our clients with thorough and accurate evaluation services.
Come to us when you are in need of more than just asbestos removal.
We can also test items out for you to ensure it really is asbestos.
Count on our team of registered asbestos removal technicians and consultants, as well as environmental testers and industrial hygienists! Let us help you make your home and place of work safe and hazard-free.We are just a phone call away.

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